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Mark Franklin drinking a mocha with his laptop thinking about branding (as you do)
The Emotional Marketer - Branding & Design services


If the Four Fears® is my 'Superman' persona then branding is my 'Clark Kent' alter-ego. 


Once we have begun to lift you from inertia to business victory... how do we ensure that your brand can also 'leap tall buildings in a single bound'?

I call this 'emotional marketing'. It's not my phrase and it isn't new... but it definitely wears its brand underpants outside its tights!

What is emotional marketing?

Your brand is how you will be remembered by everyone you meet. It is their lasting memory of how you made them feel. Consistent, well-crafted, emotional marketing ensures that they are left feeling amazing!


I want your business to stand out for all the right reasons - I want your posts, stories, reels... your content to be so irresistible that people have to stop scrolling and 'click for more'. You have every reason to be proud of what it is you offer... how can you take that pride and celebrate what it is that makes your services the ONLY choice for your audience?

We begin by looking at your existing content and strategy


From one-off graphic design or editorial projects to website builds, social media strategies and even a complete brand review and overhaul, I'll begin by asking you about your 'why' - what makes you the best at being you and how would you like your customers to feel when they work with you. From there, the magic happens...

The branding services I offer

I can help your brand be more fabulous

From a single website button to a complete brand manifesto - every tiny detail adds to your customers' memory of you and your service. Together we can make that experience irresistible and 'sticky' for all the right reasons. 

Book a 45min, no-obligation call with me to find out more

"Thanks so much again, I'm having a ball with this process and your creative genius!"

- Alison O'Leary (Dream Chasers Podcast)

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