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A Taste of Victory

Booking now for 12th July


A Taste of

Booking for 12th July 2024

If you have experienced hesitation in your business - a lack of confidence or focus in terms of what you should be doing next - the Taste of Victory 90min online workshop could be your ideal first step to defeating those mindset challenges once and for all.

Mark Franklin running an online 'Taste of Victory' workshop
Mark demonstrating all four fears at once

Who's it for?

Does this sound a lot like you?

"My confidence has dropped this past year which has meant I have been a lot less proactive in my business".

"I don't have enough time to do what needs to be done - this is holding me back".

"(My mindset has...) ...stopped me taking the action that I know I need to build my business".

If these sound familiar - the Taste of Victory might be just what you need.

The session will cover the following areas

'A Taste of Victory' online workshop contents

What you get

Productivity tips and mindset hacks to propel you forwards - in just 90mins

On registration, you will receive a resource pack (based on content taken from my signature nine-month Victory Programme) that contains:

  • A business audit to explore where you are currently on your journey towards victory

  • A reflection on the business barriers that are currently getting in your way

  • A calendar challenge to identify and resolve any concerns you may have about how you are using your business time

We follow these up in the live session and, working with me and your fellow attendees, you will be given the opportunity to embrace and navigate around the practical and emotional obstacles that are currently holding you back.

My promise is that you will leave the workshop with greater clarity and renewed energy, as well as an action plan to keep you moving forwards.​

"It was like sitting down with an old friend but knowing that they would challenge you and push you in the best way possible".

- Ciara Fitzpatrick (Independent Usborne Partner)

Overhead shot of Mark Franklin on a zoom call


'Tastes' of Victory

The next one-hour Taste of Victory session will take place at 11.00am (UK) on Friday 12th July.

Book your place by completing the payment and registration via the link below.

The session fee is £99 per person.
Registration closes 2pm Tuesday 2nd July.

A bit more about me

Spoiler alert - I'm here to help

I'm Mark and I'm a trainer and speaker with over 20 years’ experience supporting small business owners to overcome their Four Fears® - the most common barriers preventing them from having the business of their dreams.


I invest deeply in my clients’ stories, providing uplifting, relevant and engaging support to unlock the bravery and belief they need to pursue their happy path to success.


My Four Fears® Programmes are designed to move business owners from inertia to victory and find joy in that journey.


My mission is to remind you that you ARE good enough, you are ready, you do have time and that failure can sometimes be the greatest gift you give to your story.

Mark Franklin cuddling Fawn the Shihpoo puppy
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