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the Four Fears®

Small business owners, micropreneurs, start-ups... leaders of remarkable teams - your stories are a source of tremendous inspiration. I love working with courageous and adventurous people like you.

Of course, that bravery might sometimes be tempered by hesitations or 'wobbles' that come from one or a mixture of four common fears - fears that you project onto your business but that you could (with a little help) turn to your advantage.

Have you had these thoughts before?

I'm not ready


The first of the the Four Fears®

"It needs to be just right..."

Can you think of a time that you delayed a brilliant idea or brave decision because you wanted to 'make sure it was just right' first? What have you missed out on every time you took 'a little more time'...?

Indecision is itself, a decision. If you took the plunge today, what is the best that can happen?

I'm not good enough


The worst of the Four Fears®

"I'll never be as successful as..."

There are whole books written on Imposter Syndrome and the perils of looking sideways and/or comparing yourself to the successes of others. We are our biggest critics - always!

But what if you added the word 'yet' to this fear. And then built a substantial body of evidence to very quickly prove just how amazing you already are?

I don't have time


The most obvious of the Four Fears®

If I had an extra hour...

We're constantly reminded that everyone has the same 24hrs in the day... well that is true but how does such a statement actually help you?


Time is the most valuable and least renewable resource you have. A routine of good habits & processes will soon have you needing less time to get even more done. I can definitely help you with that.

What if I fail?


The biggest of the Four Fears®

"...but darling what if you fly?"

This bad boy takes the three other fears and adds its own extra layer of anxiety. And yet failure could be the biggest learning opportunity we give ourselves - to improve, grow and be truly victorious.


Reframing failure takes a bit of work, but it can change everything about your business and bring about the successes you have been accidentally putting off.

Let's face the fears together

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Who made me the expert?

My name is Mark, and I've been terrified too!

I have encountered each of these fears myself. Sometimes they stopped me dead in my tracks - other times I got past them with a little help and, occasionally, I amazed myself at what I could be capable of if I embraced all four and just kept going.

With 20+ years professional coaching and leadership experience, working with remarkable and courageous business owners like you, the most important lesson I have learnt is that the Four Fears® are only as big a hurdle as you make them out to be. It's a decision that you completely control!

I passionately believe that embracing the Four Fears® is the most effective way to lift you from inertia to victory, proving that you already have everything you need to build the business of your dreams. With my support, we will make that happen.

Mark Franklin - Mindset Expert & Business Strategist
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