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Better Story"

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As solopreneurs or small business owners, we choose to work for ourselves so that we can focus on what success looks like and means for us. That is our better story.

But with that dream, comes a lot of extra responsibility, uncertainty and hesitation - those fears are at it again!

How helpful might it be to have someone work with you 1-2-1 to unpick those challenges and keep you on the right path to victory? 

Coaching spots now available!

Mark Franklin holding a sign that reads "What does success look like for you?"
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Whose story...?

If you are hesitating within your business journey, this programme will set you back on course towards victory.

The Write a Better Story coaching programme consists of four, monthly 90min conversations in which we dive deeply into your unique story, unpicking the impact of the Four Fears® in your journey so far and clearing the path for you to build the business of your dreams. 


Everyone is welcome, but this experience is recommended for those who have control over their business vision:

  • Solo & Micropreneurs

  • Small (and large) business owners

  • C-level Managers / Directors

Why choose my coaching plan?

Mark reading Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

Working together

Our four-month relationship includes:

  • No-obligation one-hour discovery call to discuss needs and agree focuses for coaching relationship, including your four-month 'audacious vision'

  • Monthly, 90min coaching sessions (video or telephone)

  • Each session reflects on progress since previous session and sets goals for month ahead

  • Agreement of appointment schedule to suit your calendar

  • Ideally at least one session will be in person (entirely at your convenience)

  • Limited spaces available every month to ensure you receive my full support

  • Optional discounted upgrade into my signature Victory Programme 

Pricing - £900 per person
(Fully inclusive of all calls and resources)

"Mark creates a wonderful, safe space to share and talk about those ideas and challenges facing you, with the calm gentle support you need in that process."

- Christina Wallace (Independent Business Owner)

iPad showing the Calendly link for a consultation call with Mark Franklin

Book a

Discovery Call

Let's spend an hour getting to know each other to make sure you feel comfortable and ready to invest your time with me.


There is no obligation but, if you like the sound of what we can do together for your business, we can get you signed on and start acknowledging and embracing those fears in order to achieve the success you deserve.

A bit more about me

Spoiler alert - I'm here to help

I'm Mark and I'm a trainer and speaker with over 20 years’ experience supporting small business owners to overcome their Four Fears® - the most common barriers preventing them from having the business of their dreams.


I invest deeply in my clients’ stories, providing uplifting, relevant and engaging support to unlock the bravery and belief they need to pursue their happy path to success.


My Four Fears® Programmes are designed to move business owners from inertia to victory and find joy in that journey.


My mission is to remind you that you ARE good enough, you are ready, you do have time and that failure can sometimes be the greatest gift you give to your story.

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