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Two-week, self-led course - Just £20 

Time is the most precious and least renewable resource you have.


Around one in three small business owners feel that a lack of time has made them hesitant in their journey to success with over 20% saying they struggle to even make time for their business.

If that sounds like you, how helpful would it be to move from 'frantic' to 'fantastic' with your time management in just two weeks?

Mark holding a sign that reads "Put time back on your side"
Screenshot on Mac of 20-Point Challenge

Just two weeks! 

That's all it takes to completely rewire your approach to time management

In the first week you are set a 'time audit' challenge in two parts:

  1. Write a task list of all the actions your business needs in order to progress

  2. Keep a diary to record the amount of time you currently spend on your business and what you are achieving in that time


Before we move into week two you review both the actions you did and give them a score - the higher the score the more essential they are to your success.

Week two is where the fun really begins - your challenge is to complete at least 20 points worth of action(s) every day for the week. I.e., you only invest time on the things that will make the biggest difference... simple eh?

Four immediate benefits from the challenge

30.8% of small business owners believe that not having enough time is preventing them from moving forward

Help is at hand

Although the challenge is self-led, there are resources and prompts to keep you on track throughout.

You'll start the challenge with templates and resources to help you:

  • Create your action lists

  • Record your time accurately

Then as you hit week two, you'll support with:

  • Scoring your actions appropriately

  • Creating simple systems and routines to ensure your new 'habits' start to stick

(We might also have some fun with rewards for high-scoring actions and booby prizes for low-scoring distractions ;-). 

"Loved this! best tool ever ..... thank you!"

- Fiona Digweed (Quality Specialist)

Mark working on the 20-Point Challenge



The 20-Point Challenge costs JUST £20 and is delivered to your inbox immediately on registration and payment.


From that first day, you are guided through a fun and fruitful fortnight of productivity & progress as resources are unlocked to keep you on track.  What are you waiting for?

A bit more about me

Spoiler alert - I'm here to help

I'm Mark and I'm a trainer and speaker with over 20 years’ experience supporting small business owners to overcome their Four Fears® - the most common barriers preventing them from having the business of their dreams.


I invest deeply in my clients’ stories, providing uplifting, relevant and engaging support to unlock the bravery and belief they need to pursue their happy path to success.


My Four Fears® Programmes are designed to move business owners from inertia to victory and find joy in that journey.


My mission is to remind you that you ARE good enough, you are ready, you do have time and that failure can sometimes be the greatest gift you give to your story.

Mark Franklin sipping a mocha whilst working in a coffee shop
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