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Bravery Quiz


As a business leader and/or owner, the direction, success & happiness you create for your business often rests on your shoulders. Do you thrive on this responsibility or are there times where it can feel both lonely and overwhelming? In short, are you a 'Fearless Freya' or a 'Fearful Freddy?


The Business Bravery Scorecard quiz invites you to celebrate your existing strengths and consider how you might embrace the hesitations you sometimes face on your journey towards victory.

Visual of Business Bravery Quiz on iPhone
Business Bravery Scores - Example

How it works 

You're sixteen questions away from a braver and more brilliant you.

Each short, multiple-choice question encourages you to think about where you are thriving in your business, and also where you might be holding yourself back (thanks to those cheeky little voices in your head).


The quiz is split over four categories (one for each of the Four Fears®) and you'll receive a score for each once you complete all the questions.

The questions focus on four key areas

Visual of Business Bravery Scorecard Results on iPhone

What you get

On completing the quiz you'll instantly receive a personalised results report and action plan.

The onscreen & emailed report will each provide you with:

  • A visual breakdown and score for each quiz category - celebrating the strengths you already bring to your business

  • Actionable suggestions with top tips on how to best embrace and overcome any hesitations you might be encountering 

  • Exclusive follow-up consultation offer 

"The only person who can judge me is me, and if I know I'm doing the right thing, then that's all I need to know."

- Vikki MacDonald (Business owner & entrepreneur)

iPad showing the Calendly link for a consultation call with Mark Franklin


Free consultation

Book a FREE 30min follow-up call (worth £150)

Once you have completed the quiz, you might like a little more insight into how your current mindset might be holding you back from business victory - why not book a free, no-obligation 30min call with me to find out more? 

(Offer available for 14 days after you complete the quiz)

A bit more about me

Spoiler alert - I'm here to help

I'm Mark and I'm a trainer and speaker with over 20 years’ experience supporting small business owners to overcome their Four Fears® - the most common barriers preventing them from having the business of their dreams.


I invest deeply in my clients’ stories, providing uplifting, relevant and engaging support to unlock the bravery and belief they need to pursue their happy path to success.


My Four Fears® Programmes are designed to move business owners from inertia to victory and find joy in that journey.


My mission is to remind you that you ARE good enough, you are ready, you do have time and that failure can sometimes be the greatest gift you give to your story.

Mark Franklin - Mindset Expert & Business Strategist
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