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Clarity, bravery & serenity

View from the top of Grindelwald First on a sunny morning- snow capped mountains in the distance with walking poles in the foreground.

Fittingly on Earth Day, this photo was taken exactly a year ago today, just days before I officially left the corporate world and started my own journey.

I remember the absolute serenity at (what felt like) the top of the world. Other than my wife by my side I was completely on my own and it was those most exhilarated I had felt for a very, very long time.

I’ve felt like that every day since, too.

  • It hasn’t gone exactly as I had planned at times

  • I have u-turned on a few things

  • I have said no to a few things as well

  • It’s taken longer than I had naively expected

  • I have never been happier

I could have followed my heart earlier than I did - but I wasn’t clear enough on what I wanted or brave enough to make it happen.

And that is essentially what I do now: help others connect to their own clarity, bravery & serenity, to embrace the energy that “fear” might be using to interrupt their potential happiness.

Happy (almost) Anniversary to me!

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