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The dangers of destination addiction

Two yachts moored in Vilamoura marina on a beautiful summer’s day with blue skies and crystal clear waters. One yacht is a sleek white cruiser, the other is a stunning tall ship with two masts.

Tis (not) the sailor’s life for me!

Despite living in the landlocked Cotswolds (and being a dreadful swimmer), I’ve always felt the call of water. And the sight of a luxury cruiser still stirs something in my heart. 

From childhood memories of seeing them half built in the docks at Poole harbour to a whistle stop tour of Monte Carlo years ago and, just last week, drinking 2-for-1 cocktails in Vilamoura marina watching them come and go, I can’t help wonder what it might be like to sit on the back of one, sipping Bellinis and catching rays.

And yet if you asked me what my big business wish or lottery winning dream would be, it couldn’t be further from owning a Sunseeker and cruising the Med.

I’ve met those people. They still don’t seem happy

Such are the dangers of destination addiction

Similarly, I was reading an article at the weekend about a couple who spent £11,000 on a luxury Glastonbury glamping experience, leaving the kids at home and sacrificing the annual family holiday. It was “for the sake of their marriage” and meant they’d just have to work harder to pay £10k more(!) next year to camp in the celebrity field.

“Victory” is whatever you want it to be: it is your own personal definition of success, happiness etc…  We’re addicted to these luxury “destinations” in the belief that, when we get there, we will be happy.

What if we had the power/choice/luxury of happiness within us already? We just need to set sail in the right direction (right for each of us)…

A Taste of Victory

All of the above is why I created the Taste of Victory workshop. By focusing on what 'victory' truly looks like for each of us, we can eschew the dangers of destination addiction.

The package includes:

🛥️ A business audit (in advance of the session) to reconnect you to your True North

🛥️ A breakdown of any business barriers in order to navigate towards your version of happiness

🛥️ A calendar challenge to reset your working week and ensure you have the clarity & bravery to stay on track

Then we meet online for a 90min conversation (with your fellow 'work-shoppers') to discuss the outcomes of these exercises and dig deeper into what you really want from your business and why that is so important to you that you are willing to be brave enough to make it happen.

Why not reset your Happiness Compass:


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