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Action, impact, energy (part one)

Every time you take action in your business you create impact and you expend energy. 

My question today: are the actions you take and the impact you create the most appropriate and valuable to your business?

If you think of your business as a song - a piece of music you are composing in order to share with the world and invite your audience to “add it to their playlist”, put it on repeat or even dance to it…

Every element of your business is a potential instrument, chord, riff, melody that you can call upon to improve the mix. 

  • Which instrument requires your attention and action today?

  • What is the nature of the impact you wish to create?

  • Is it a short sharp crescendo or a soothing, consistent back beat?

I hope you enjoy the little video (above) and would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Thanks for watching! 🎶🎵🥁

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