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Being a perfectionist is exhausting!

Image of Mark Franklin in orange t-shirt sipping coffee and glancing up to his right to read a caption that says "Being a perfectionist is exhausting"

Actually, being a perfectionist is bl**dy exhausting! How much energy are you giving to things that do not deserve that much effort?

  • When was the last time you beat yourself up about something that you felt wasn't quite right? 

  • Those people in front of you are enjoying (and even celebrating) what you have done and yet you're still wondering what if...

  • Maybe you 'haven't got round to doing that thing you were meant to do' because you're worried that it (and for 'it' you really mean 'you') isn't quite ready.

And as you cycle round any/all of the above, so your emotional energy is consumed, leaving you too drained to focus.

All of the above are places my brain likes to take me from time to time (wicked, wicked brain! 🧠). 

Perfectionism is no.1 in the list of the Four Fears® of business ownership - the fear of not being ready which creates hesitation and delays the successes you will both enjoy and deserve.

Having someone kick you up the backside and tell you to JFDI doesn't work. Especially if that hesitation is borne out of something deeper and more personal than distraction or procrastination (which, spoiler alert, it almost always is!).

A better way is to take a moment to reflect on your 'story do far' and build up your body of evidence that proves you have it in you (both in the past and in the future) to bring magic to the world.

How would it feel to be able to 'settle for good enough' (knowing that your own version of 'good enough' is actually pretty spectacular already)?


I'm running a 'Taste of Victory' 90-min online workshop on Friday 12th July which digs into this exact topic and a lot more. The session includes some pre-work on your business barriers plus any 'perfectionist' challenges.

Everything you need to know plus very early registration now open via link above.

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