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The no.1 cause of workplace burnout...

Updated: Jun 10

A grid of 4 circular images repeated across two rows creating a grid of 16 pictures. Each contains a head shot of Mark Franklin pulling a face that reflects fear or frustration. The image represents the overwhelming emotions that result from burnout at work.

Okay, so disclaimer - the following is based on both experience and belief as opposed to scientific evidence... which is why I am inviting you to share your thoughts in the comments...

Why do so many brave and brilliant people burn out at work?

I believe the no.1 reason is because they (we... you...?) care too much.

😔 They care too much about doing a good job

😔 They care too much about letting others down

😔 They care too much about what other people think

There is another angle - that they care too much about the pursuit of 'success' without defining what that actually looks like for them. They(we)'ve been conditioned to believe that success "looks like" the high paid job, the big house, the luxury lifestyle and all the trimmings, and that these things will only come if they commit every minute they can to a 'job' that will pay for those trappings.

But at what expense...? Workplace burnout.

Caring too much isn't a crime. It's not something to chastise someone for. It is an honourable and generous trait.


If you don't care for yourself first, you simply won't have the energy or capacity to 'be the change' you wish to see in the world.

Definitely keep on caring too much... but start with caring more about yourself first.

P.S. I recently guested on the incredible Dream Chasers (Adventures in Happiness) podcast where I talked about my own experience of burnout. Do please give it a listen.

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