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Be present

Selfie photo of a family of eight (spanning three generations) in a hot tub, each wearing a shower cap - blue for boys and pink on the girls.

We recently enjoyed a long weekend away with our kids and our parents. It’s a springtime tradition we started nine years ago (when this photo was taken - alas the “Olds” aren’t as nimble now, hence no updated ‘hot tub selfie’).

I can say with confidence that this would have been taken not long after, or before (or both) I was regularly flying out to Canada to implement a turnaround strategy for a sister organisation we were affiliated with, as well as running a UK & European sales operation from here in Oxfordshire - a division that was about to explode with five consecutive years of +20% growth based on a plan I had put together.

It was a crazy time. I don’t remember much about the weekend this photo was taken though… I was there… but I wasn’t.

I regret that.

My folks are pretty fragile now so time with them has become more and more precious. Similar with my grown-up girls who got bored of daddy’s crap jokes long ago.

Not sure where I’m going with all this… just felt the need to reflect.

Whatever/whoever is important to you, be there for it/them this week and onwards.

Thanks for reading.

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