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The three secrets to being brave & brilliant in your business

Image of a text quote that reads: The three secrets to being brave & brilliant in your business - Free online workshops - 9 & 10th May 2024

What are the three secrets to being brave & brilliant in your business?

Imagine if you were able to unlock the three secrets of being brave and brilliant in your business - those being the ability to:

  1. Act on every opportunity that comes your way without hesitation 

  2. Embrace what ‘good enough’ looks like for you and removing any barriers of self-doubt from your day 

  3. Move from 'frantic to fantastic' by creating consistent habits that ensure every action you take brings value

What typically stops us from unlocking those secrets? Usually it is our own levels of clarity and bravery - both impacted by the voices in our heads making (frankly) lewd suggestions about what we can and can not achieve.

Those lewd suggestions are always wrong (oh but those voices are SOOOOoooo persuasive).

Let's challenge those suggestions together

Join me live for one of two free, fast-paced workshops next month, where we will begin to switch out your fears and unleash the ‘victorious you’ that your business deserves.

Each session is 90mins long (and, did I say, FREE!?) giving us ample time to dig into each secret and how they can be made to work for you.

Session start times:

Thursday 9th May - 4pm (UK)

Friday 10th May - 10am (UK)

Hope to see you on the 9th or 10th!

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