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It was a great gig... (men need to talk more)

Selfie photo in black &white of two friends - Dan Ball (left) and Mark Franklin (right)

This is one of the last photos of me and my best friend, Dan (we called him Tex), taken at a soundcheck before the last proper gig we ever played together.

He was out front, the singer, the showman. I was at the back, keeping him in time and in check (he needed it!). And that night we absolutely smashed it. It was one of those “universe In alignment” moments that I’ll always have.

He was the closest thing I ever had to a brother and I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count the incredible things in my life that came from knowing this man.

Sadly we lost Tex three years ago today. I have a pencil drawing of him, done by my youngest, that sits above my desk - he’s looking down on me now as I type this (probably thinking up some smart-arse remark).

We talked a lot. About things that “men don’t normally talk about”. We helped each other through difficult times. I sometimes wonder if he’d still be here if maybe we’d talked a couple of times more…

Talking is good. Men need to talk more (especially).

Do more talking people.

That’s my thought for the day x

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