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Top five takeaways from Atomicon 2024

Collage of eight photos from the Atomicon 2024 conference

It's been a week since I headed up to Newcastle for Atomicon 2024. Last year's event was a business game changer for me as I found myself a business coach, did a massive u-turn in direction (to find my actual true north) and met some remarkable people. Would this year's event live up to expectation?

Here are my top five takeaways from Atomicon 2024

1. Push over your 'Big Domino'

We are used to the concept of taking small steps in our business that create a knock-on effect, like dominos slowly toppling one by one. What if we identified and then pushed over our biggest domino? Or, more simply, what is your biggest business wish? Spend time on THAT.

2. The 'Remarkable Ask'

At what point do you stop pursuing an idea, a lead, a conversation...? What is you asked just once more? The 'Remarkable Ask' is just that - asking beyond the point of being comfortable. It requires an element of clarity and bravery (what is it you want that is so important to you that you are prepared to take action in order to make it happen?) and takes you one step closer to nudging over that big domino.

3. Celebrity Service

I had not heard of Geoff Ramm before, but I sat in on his talk, purely on recommendation alone. It was the right call... Geoff was the most engaging and entertaining of presenters, and his message was sublime - simple yet powerful:

"If an A-list celebrity asked for you to do something for them, you would likely go above and beyond your usual levels of customer service... what if that 'above and beyond' was your usual level? That extra stretch could transform your brand (and how you are remembered) and set you apart from everyone else in your industry. Deliver celebrity service... always!"

You can buy his book from Amazon.

4. Are you happy?

A sparkling keynote from Davina McCall was one of the surprise highlights and creeps into my top five takeaways from Atomicon 2024 for one reason only: when asked how she would define success, Davina simply answered "Are you happy?" Because no other measure matters. I couldn't agree more!

5. How many people can you delight?

Having missed Daniel Priestley last year, I was not going to make the same mistake again. Picking up on points three and four, Daniel proposes that your official business capacity is essentially the maximum number of people you can give celebrity service to. Don't be afraid to be oversubscribed and create demand / supply tension in your marketing to have people queueing up to work with you (when you're ready to amaze them!)

I have a bonus takeaway - very much a personal point this one. The Atomicon community is just about the most joyous, inclusive and generous I have ever know and it is an absolute pleasure to surround myself with such magical humans.

Roll on 2025 - ticket already purchased.

If you'd like to know more about Atomicon, comment below or message me on here.

Tickets for 2025 are now publicly available to buy at a great early bird price

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